Welcome to Adult Circumcision

Enhancing a man's health and appearance 

adultsunat001The Adult Circumcision Clinic is a specialty of Zulkafperi , MD, a medical doctor and partner at Alisklamp Center. Dr. Zul and his staff specialize in Non-surgical technique adult circumcisions, including changes to existing circumcisions (called circumcision revisions).

While most circumcisions are performed shortly after birth or around 7 to 12 years old, circumcision can be performed in adulthood with the same results. There are many reasons for circumcision. Some men want to feel more comfortable around their peers, or they simply prefer the appearance of a circumcision. Other men already have a circumcision, but are not satisfied with it — we can revise a circumcision that is not aesthetically pleasing.

The circumcision procedure is very safe, relatively quick, and you will be home the same day. Sexual activity can resume in about four  to six  weeks.adultmain002

Dr. Zul takes great care to make sure each patient is well informed and comfortable. We understand that circumcision is an important, personal decision. You can have confidence that we will address your questions and concerns with the highest professionalism and privacy.

For more information or to request a consultation, please call us at  603-77271360