The Circumcision Procedure

No blood. No cuts. No sutures. No sterile settings.


The Alisklamp device enables safe non-surgical adult male circumcision which does not require cutting of live/healthy foreskin.

Circumcisions are preformed at our office and take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete.  Dr. Zul  and an assistant will perform the procedure.

We incorporated the Non surgical circumcision technique  with bloodless and no sutures required. 

The penis is numbed with an injection at the base with a mixture of two medications. The first is a quick acting agent called Lidocaine and the second is a long lasting agent called Marcaine.  Patients usually feel only the first needle prick and no discomfort after that.

The skin is marks accordingly to ensure a precise placing of the alisklamp and the required size is measured. Alisklamp is push into the prepuce and place nicely over the glans penis and clamp is lock securely in place. No cutting of the prepuce is done. The procedure is completed within 5 to 10 minutes.

The clamp is allow to crush the blood vessel and dry gangrene is developed slowly. The gangrene skin is then cut  after 3 days and clamp is removed after another 4 days

The dead dry skin will fall of slowly over few days like the stump of a baby’s umbilical cord. And it is very important to keep the dead skin dry at all time. Wet gangrene will easily breaks and caused bleeding or become  infected.

Sexual activity may resume after approximately four  to six weeks